Our Vision: Finding the Balance for Engaging Boys

Beacon offers a bold, innovative approach to teaching and learning. The entire school—from the curriculum to the schedule to the use of space—is designed to help boys love school. Using the latest research, we blend the best from established college preparatory schools with the evidence-based best practices from other models to create the perfect balance for boys to thrive. 

To achieve these goals, Beacon School for Boys offers:

·       A small school (growing to approximately 75 students per grade) with small class sizes (averaging 15 students per class) where every boy is known and loved

·       A challenging curriculum that prepares boys to succeed in college and beyond

·       A student body and faculty who reflect the diversity of greater Los Angeles

·       Teachers who appreciate boys and actively build trust and connection with every student  

·       Project-based, interdisciplinary learning, with maker spaces, public exhibitions, and performance challenges—not just paper-and-pencil tests—to demonstrate true learning, not rote memorization

·        A daily schedule that facilitates deep, sustained critical thinking; frequent breaks for movement, play, and downtime

·       A school culture that models reflection and self-assessment; a growth-mindset is the key to learning

·       A sense of joy and fun; teachers take education seriously, but they don’t take themselves too seriously and know that students learn best when they are happy and engaged

·       An honor code created by the boys themselves as part of the school-wide emphasis on character, empathy, and integrity

·       A research-based homework policy that ensures boys engage only in meaningful, developmentally-appropriate work; the school honors the importance of sleep, downtime, family time, and extracurricular activities

·       An athletics program designed to develop teamwork and character throughout honorable, ethical competition

·       A robust and visual and performing arts program where boys express themselves creatively while honing their technique

·       Purposeful advisory program where boys have a safe place to connect with a small group and develop emotional literacy skills

·       Health and wellness program incorporates mindfulness and is specifically designed to foster boys’ lifelong wellbeing

·       Student participation in stewardship and decision-making at the school; students have ownership over their learning and care for their school

·       Accountability approaches that focus not on adult-imposed punishment but on restorative justice and personal growth

·       A comfortable, polished school uniform that helps students focus on learning and feel a sense of belonging