The Founders of Beacon School for Boys believe that members of the first board of trustees take on a special responsibility as they are instrumental in the opening of the School and in shepherding the mission in its first years. Board members act as trusted advisors to the Founders of the School and to the Head of School and the School’s staff; powerful champions of Beacon’s mission and vision; ambassadors who can turn ideas into realities, honor and bridge differences in opinion, and make good things happen.

Beacon’s members of the board are respected community leaders who volunteer their time, energy, and resources; they recognize that effective governance requires effort and time and is not simply about checks and balances. They are men and women of integrity who view the School’s mission as worthy of their best efforts. Beacon’s board members stand for what they believe in and insist on the best from and for Beacon School for Boys. Their voices will always be heard, and they will make a daily and lasting impact on Beacon School for Boys.